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    Ensim Pro 4 Blowout - $15 a month for 100GB bandwidth, and 3GB space

    OktaGone has just upgraded all of our Ensim Pro servers to the latest version of Ensim - Ensim Pro 4.0.14

    All of our servers are equiped with Ensim's Powertools also.

    Anybody wishing to pay yearly for this special package, the rate is $150 USD.

    If you signup before the 1st June 2004, we will even register your domain for you, for FREE.

    So.. the specs?

    - Blazing Fast NYC network - peers with NYIIX, transit links to, Verio,, Allegiance, Peer-1 and more!
    - 2Ghz (minimum) servers
    - PHP 4.3.4
    - MySQL 4.0.18
    - Ensim Pro 4.0.14 with Powertools
    - 100GB Monthly Transfer
    - 3GB Diskspace
    - Guaranteed 100% network uptime, and 99.5% server uptime

    $15 monthly, or $150 yearly.

    Intested in a customised deal? Pop me a pm, or just email me - ceo at nospam dot oktagone dot com and i'll be glad to help you out

    [edit] would help if i told you how to grab a package if your interested!

    Simply reply to this thread, pm me, or email [email protected]!

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    Do you have Ensim Reseller account?

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    Originally posted by kiasu
    Do you have Ensim Reseller account?
    yes, it is $5 extra per month, or $50 a year

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