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    * **BREAKING NEWS Tony Blair Attacked**

    heh it's not that bad, i just love those BREAKING NEWS threads

    here's the story

    terrible lapse in security, honestly 600,000 would've been better spent on some full time security staff!
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    Next time they should use a stink bomb and the security will never know who did it

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    Fathers for Justice, a group campaigning for changes to family law here in Britain have claimed responsibility.

    This isn't as simple as it sounds however, a member of the House of Lords signed them in, which dome impact on how we judge the security situation.

    Although i agree it is an embarrassing and possibly dangerous breach of security, there were already plans underway to change and restrict the way members of the public can interact with the chamber. I expect them to be moved forward now.

    I'll point out that the powder was determined to be totally harmless and this group were never likely to use anything but, this is not a laughing matter for them or Parliament; in the past there has been a unique opportunity open to the public with the way they could view parliamentary events and how close they were able to get, this unfortunately is no longer viable.

    I would also comment that as much as i see the need for change to some of our family laws and agree with the fight of "Fathers for Justice" generally speaking, this action will change how i look at the group and their fight as an organisation to some extent [but there action will hopefully speed things along on the glass barrier front].

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    In my opinion Mr Blair and every member of parliament should write to the two people who got in and thank them.

    All that happened on this accasion was a prank protest tbh. It could easily have been a lot more serious in these times of world terrorism....

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    lol a condom full of purple liquid heh
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