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    Gaming/Personal design for auction!

    Hello there webhosters and webmasters!

    I have a "doodle" design that I was making, and now must sell to pay off a few debts that I have encurred, so please take a look, and if you like it, bid on it.

    Have a Great Day!

    Bidding Starts At: $65


    What you get:
    - 1 .gif file (the preview file)
    - 1 Macromedia Fireworks Document (Original file, created in Fireworks)
    - 2 .psd files (exported from Fireworks, you can use either!)
    - Full rights to resell, do whatever you'd like to with this design!

    This auction ends at the end of this week, so if there are no buyers, I will look into other options of selling this design. Bids may be made via replies and/or pm's, your choice.

    Thank you for your time,

    Trent (unlevel)

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    BTW, as you might notice, the design is made for a skin for a cms systems, such as e-xoops, or postnuke, but I'm sure that with some modification, it would suite a site not running a content management system.

    Again, thanks for your time,

    Trent (unlevel)

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