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    Transfer .nu domain

    I did a search for "transfer nunames" and didn't find what I was looking for, but I apologise if this has been asked before and I just wasn't able to find an answer.

    I currently own a .nu domain, registered approximately 21 months ago with for $60 US. I'm coming up to the end of my two-year registration period and during that time I've paid two lots of $10 to change DNS info. That means that it's cost me $80 for two years.

    I've just realised that with the new pricing system, it's going to cost $71 to renew my domain this July, plus there's the risk of having to change the DNS info again if I switch hosting or move to a new server. (They charge $10 for every DNS change.)

    I found a site called which charges something like $28 for a year of .nu registration, has no transfer fee, and doesn't charge for DNS changes. Thing is, it registers .nu domains but it doesn't transfer them.

    Does anyone know of a site similar to that will allow me to transfer from NuNames?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Nunames is the Registry. Ultimately all .nu domains are registered through them - they are the people who create the domains.

    Nunames is a registry which allows both direct registrations and registrations through registrars.

    Direct registrations are charged at a high retail price, which accounts for the fact that the registry does all the work such as issuing lots of individual renewal invoices to lots of individual registrants. Registrars pay a much lower wholesale price which allows them to sell domains at a much cheaper rate.

    If I were you I would contact the registry and ask them if there is any way that you can move your domain from a direct registration into an account with one of their resellers. While they obviously make more money from direct registrations they may nevertheless be more than happy to help because selling through registrars means less work for them! (A lot of registries are moving away from direct registrations these days because of the workload)

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    I am not sure id this is possible but I would be interested to know if it is.

    However....... I have a .nu domain and avoid the $10 dns change fee by having it on my own name servers.
    maybe you could use or another free DNS serivce to avoid the changes?
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    Thank you very much for that information, Lubeca. I didn't know about the technical side of things so I appreciate that you took the time to explain that to me.

    That's a good idea, Gordon! I will definitely consider that.

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    .nu names are untransferable between registrars

    you'd have to wait till it drops and re-register it at namecheap or others, and yes they don't charge $10 per domain modification.

    only nunames charges.
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    I've thought about this and I think I'm just going to let it go and start afresh with a new .net or .org domain. Much less hassle and expense in the long run.

    Thanks everyone!

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    The other thing is when you renew a .NU domain at nunames you get 30 days in which you can make a free change to the name servers.
    The last time I had to do it I did it this way and saved the $10 by renewing early.
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