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    managed server

    hi ....
    i just purchased server for my client with the following spec:

    P IV 2.8 Ghz Hyper Trading
    1200 GB Bandwitch
    1 GB Ram
    120 GB Hd

    However, my client told me that they are not ready yet to have a server. Sadly, I have paid managed for 1 month and i can't get refund from them.

    So if you need to learn more about dedicated server and how easy it is to set up, I'm willing to sell this server to you. I bought it for $110 (noted: you will not find the above spec for that price) and i will accept and consider your offer.

    thank you very much

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    Could I have the ip?
    And do you accept paypal?

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    Server IP:
    IP Space: --

    yes i do accept paypal. pm me for root password and i'll let you know my paypal id

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    in addition... it's only three days old so grab it fast... pm me for more information

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    i'll let it go for $85 OBO

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    Excuse me but i cannot ping your ips.
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