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    No. of times users are allowed to check mail and max mail each domain per hour

    Server Setup >> Tweak Settings

    What are good settings for the following under EMAIL.

    These are my settings... Are they too high or too low. Do they make sense.?

    The number of times users are allowed to check their mail using pop3 per hour: 50
    The maximum each domain can send out per hour: 1000
    On my dedicated server, I gather there are currently about 50 - 100 pop accounts users.

    In a particular domain, a few.. about 5 pop accounts in the finance department needs to send numerous email reports to their remote HQ.. maybe 20 - 50 per hour each... I'm just guessing here and I'm working with client to fix settings that will work for them.

    I dont sell hosting.. server is used to host my web development clients.

    CPU is AMD XP2000 with 512mb RAM running on Fedora.

    Other info like how many connections/emails per hour will start to load the CPU and other machine resources would also be helpful.

    TIA for sharing with a newbie.
    Hosting is so much fun...

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    For the first setting, I suggest a value that allows someone to check once a minute at the least as that's a very common setting. So at least 60 times per minute. We have it at 65 for that odd couple of times you may want to triggle it manually if you are waiting for an urgent mail.

    The maximum per domain refers only to emails send from the SMTP server ie. exim and doesn't stop emails sent from scripts direct. So this has limited effectiveness since spammers almost always use scripts.

    On the other hand, 1000 may be a bit on the high side. I would suggest not more than 500.

    If you are just hosting your web development clients, they are highly unlikely to be spammers. In that case, you can probably ignore all these settings even.
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