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    Lightbulb PPC Seach Engine


    I m new for PPC seach engine. That's why i need some helpful details like..

    How it is work.
    Its Benifts.
    Best PPC search engines ?


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    PPC engines work on the premise that you 'pay per click.' These programs can have up to millions of publishers displaying their content or from search pages like You pay to get your ad listed on their sponsored listings (in google's case, other engines are purely pay for placement). You set a bid price and it ranks you against other advertisers based on your bid. The idea is only targetted visitors will be clicking allowing you to get a higher conversion rate based on the traffic going to your website.

    Some engines:

    those are the two largest (overture is owned by yahoo).
    Some other moderately sized ones are located on: (PPC comparison engine)
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