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    * hi i am newbie in dedicated servers

    We are running a Graphic and Web design studio since 96 and its going very well.
    Now we want to setup a hosting company but we are not very good in that
    i know some linux , i just have some questions if you peoples can help me .

    What Companies are best for dedicated servers ? like " uptime, good responce" etc etc
    i want to buy unmanaged server because manage server cost alot ..
    So if i buy a servers from or any unmanaged company can i handle them easily ?
    What things i want to know to manage dedicated servers ? what really security softwares or firewalls i need to install specially in linux machine.
    Is there any mailing list for dedicated servers where i can find monthly or weekly about softwares and updates ?

    I can handle linux servers i guess because i was running a shell company like 3 years before it was my friend's machine i learned some there .. but if you peoples will guide me more i will be thankfull
    and i will buy some servers i really need to setup my hosting company asap as i got many clients here in "Asia"

    I more thing how can i get this premium membership here


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    Ok, well, I wouldn't get a unmanaged server if I were you, get a least some kind of management, most don't charge for low-level management.
    Here is a list of afforable & reliable hosts with some management:
    (It would be wise to go throught a reseller due to better server management)
    There are a lot of things to know, what control panel you want:

    APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)
    BFD (Brute Force Detection)
    Also, CHKROOTKIT, disabling Telnet and other buggy & unsecure software, securing your /tmp.

    For general documents, read - Host on Cloudrck
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    BTW, was the old name for .

    I understand the money issue involved in a managed server as opposed to an unmanaged one but if I might say that handling the management of the server especially if you are not intimately familiar with the underlining OS can be quite a dangerous thing. There is a lot you need to know and do. Installing firewall itself does not really do anything, you need to know what to allow and what not to allow. You need to know what to do to optimize a machine and so on. Basically what I want to say is that there is no shortcut or a dummy guide to good server management. It takes years of experience and knowledge to do the job well and that's the only way to do the job. Anything less than that would really be shortchanging yourself and your customers. Their livelihood may be riding on your knowledge to ensure they are up and functioning all the time and if you cannot do that, it would really be unfair to them.

    Be sure you know what you are doing first before you begin or else it is going to cost you big time trying to salvage your business, your reputation and the respect of your clients when bad things happen. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Stay away from . You dont have to take my word. So far I am happy with

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    to admin a server start here
    Affordable unlimited domain reseller plans
    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

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    I would strongly suggest against getting an unmanaged server, although you could buy one unmanaged and hire a 3rd party to manage it for you, but you definetly need management if you are new to this Hope I helped
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    You all peoples are right but i want to learn my self too
    i can pay to others for manage server but i dont wana depend on anyone its my rules ..
    So thats why i asked you i know linux some commands too
    between thanks all of you specially daejuanj
    So some last questions
    Well what about if i buy a server from servermatrix as daejuanj they give some support too ? will they install all firewalls and control panels etc ? will they upgrade my patches and all free too ? well i tried to talk there but no one was available at live help
    sO thats why i am asking you peoples ..
    You all peoples are well experienced and good.


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    Well Servermatrix has different levels of management:
    FREE: Silver Level - they will install the control panel & make O/S updates and fixes.
    But the Firewall, BFD, and basicly securing your server is left to you.

    What you are looking for is probably the GOLD which includes 1 hour per month of Systems Administrative Service.
    or there Plantinum plan which has some OS Hardening.

    But the Gold cost $50 bucks per month, and the Plantinum cost $100 - Host on Cloudrck
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    Can i install firewalls my self ? there is tutorial online at hostinglife the site u gave me ..
    what do you think if i buy a server and play with that like few days ?
    actually i dont wana buy 1 server i wil host 4 to 5 and i want to manage my self i dont wana depend to anyone. and also i wana know premium membership here

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    APF firewall install

    Getting a small server from anywhere to play with would be good.
    *Edit: Found it - Edit* - Host on Cloudrck
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    If I were in your shoes (again), I'd run over to and give them a go. They've got the best tech support I've seen anywhere in their public forums. Anytime I've ever had a problem and posted in the user forums, there's a lot of experts that helped me out, and usually get answers in minutes, not hours. I even hired one of them to tune up and secure my first server. Cost me only about $150 for an initial 'and great' peace of mind.

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