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    NAC Slow on a few routes


    For the past 7 days NAC has been very slow on 2 routes.

    The following data applies to the site netscape download and a server on the dedicated now part of NAC.

    Traceroute from me to nac goes through Traceroute from inside nac to me, goes via

    Download Speeds are between 2KB / second and 10KB / second most of the time. Sometimes peaking to 20KB / second.
    Upload Speeds typically are around 30KB / second.

    Prior to around about last Wednesday, speeds were 200K+ for download, 70K+ for upload. I'm on a 10mbit/1mbit connection in New Zealand.

    When I goto NAC or my server via a proxy server in the US, I take almost the same route, ie. all the way through most of, then branch off to the proxy and then through to nac or my server. I get 150 - 250 KB/second download. Not bad considering it's a proxy and compared to direct connection to nac.

    Now why is it so slow since last week?
    I don't know but I believe the problem lies somewhere between in the last few connections between and nac, or between somewhere in reach and nac. Since all sites in NAC are very slow, I have rules out it being a problem with my server. And also dedicated now. This is a NAC issue or an issue with one of their peers.
    The fact that going via a proxy gets me there ruled out my ISP as it takes almost the exact same route, (first 9 hops are the same to proxy as to nac, only last few alter ones are different when going to proxy. also server to proxy goes via att, so obviously att works ok). Also I have had my ISP swap my cable modem, ip address and server I connect to, no change. I have had host look into it too and they don't have anything to say about it, other than they don't think there's a problem. NAC also doesn't want to consider it, they say talk to your host.

    What do I do, can someone or some group of people help me track down where the problem is, I'm sick of everyone saying it's not out problem it's xyz, and then xyz saying no it's abc, then abc saying it's xyz. It's just the standard from the industry, so hopefully someone can help.

    If you need any details or traceroute results or the like, please let me know which you need and I'd be happy to put them up.

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    I don't know the answer, routing stuff is beyond my purview (until now), but I seem to be having the same kind of problem. My web site has been inaccessible for almost a week, my host blames faulty border routers, and from what I can see, this appears to be correct. A traceroute from my personal router bounces back between AT&T and IANA or awhile, then gives up. A traceroute from random web tools does the same thing.

    Apart from sitting on the phone with customer service at AT&T and Comcast (my ISP), is there anything I can do? (Um, since I don't believe sitting on the phone is going to help much.) It can't just be me and Daniel_C that are being affected by this...can it?

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    I have the same problem.
    However, it's only with browsing. I can check email, FTP, SSH and do everything normally. Pings and traceouts are ok as well.
    It's just that nothing on NAC wants to be browsed through.

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    I have noticed it aswell get it fixed please.

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    I contacted directly and was initially told to go to my host, but after emailing them a 2nd time they decided to investigate and found a problem with the routing through reach. It wasn't just a problem with NAC, but a problem with everyone going through the NYIIX.

    The problem is now resolved, I am able to download at 275 KB / second again. So that's good, it seems the problem I was talking about has been resolved.

    Although I'm still not sure about the uploading thing, I'm still at around 30 - 35KB for uploading, and previously I was getting 70 - 80. Although that doesn't worry be so much. I may enquire about it though.

    I'll keep you updated. But I'm very happy downloading is back to speed. Good job NAC.

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