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    [For Sale] Gaming Template

    How do.

    I'm putting a gaming template up for sale that I made about a month ago for no reason what so ever.

    Note: I know the logo looks poor, but it's just a placeholder. You can either let me have a go at making a basic one or add your own.

    I can't code, so you just get the PSD (layers are a mess at the moment, but I can re-organise them before you buy if you like). It's not hard to find someone to get it coded for you.

    I'll also do minor customisations (change fonts, colours etc) for free. Larger customisations will cost extra, as will subpages (probably about $5 each).

    I'm looking for above $35 (current offer on, but price is negotiable. Oh and the layout will end up in my portfolio, but I'll link to the site that buys it. Payment via Paypal

    Contact Methods:

    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: gamingevo
    Email: [email protected]
    Or you can PM me

    It's probably best to post here, PM or email as I am only usually on the internet around 2 hours a day because my exams start next week


    Daniel Tarff

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    oh yeah, it'll only be sold once too

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    Nice Design! I sure hope someone gets it.. i wish i had the money.. i would buy it

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    now looking for offers $50 or above

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