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    website monitoring

    I'm looking for a script that checks my website every hour and runs iisreset if it receives an error or no response.

    I found a few (can't post url here) $199, $290...

    but All these programs are too expensive for me.
    Can I do this with DOS or vbscript, I don't need anything complicated.

    1.Download a file from a website
    2. If the download fails run iisreset
    *I'll just add this batch file to schedule tasks in windows.


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    checkout or go and search on

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    Go to and get

    It requires Perl. Add a line at line 124 that says

    Those are BACKquotes, and the ; is required. Save it and run it. It'll also email you (read the docs because you'll have to put in the websites to monitor and set your SMTP server. You can turn the emailing off also if you wish.

    It is a run-once program, so you may want to schedule it.

    What I did was create a batch file -- remember, this is Windows as we're talking about using IIS

    I named the file responser.bat

    sleep 60
    goto start

    That's the whole file, 4 lines. Sleep.exe is a resource kit utility. 60 is the seconds it waits before starting again. I'll probably change it to 600.. no need to check every single minute.

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    Would one of you nice folks that has the ability to email kuya, please email him/her to alert of my response (and reply so we don't fill up his/her mailbox ). I don't know if he/she's still looking since it's been a month since the request.

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