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    Transfer CP to CP woes

    In root WHM, before a transfer was completed at the target server, my PC rboot.

    Upon reboot, I attempted to transfer the same account again.

    There were some checksum errors but at the end... this is displayed on the screen...

    DOWNLOAD READY in /tmp/cpmove-domain.tar.gz

    Error while copying account...! Aborting Extraction

    Transfer not completed and I cannot proceed.

    So I telnet to my server and peeked into /tmp
    I don't see that file but some other files with long file names

    [email protected] [/tmp]# ls
    ./            sess_2672beaa4559e8c1e71914e8d15f5c2e  ZCUDHGgPj1
    ../           sess_4fba4578d6606b6f7d550beaa40d7170  ZCUDQxkDgi
    gconfd-root/  sess_8bd3a0353fdd073dc3cfa6ee50957f30  ZCUDu0xa1R
    horde.log     sess_8db02e1daff5b6590d0e8f1aec67548f  ZCUDZpFvyN
    lost+found/   sess_f315bec14e13fd94bf232ecc48748858
    mysql.sock@   ZCUD4JqdbQ

    1. Where is cpmove-domain.tar.gz.... at source?
    2. If at source, must I tell root admin to remove it.?
    3. What are all those files at /tmp at my target server.. can I proceed to remove them

    I must mention that the account is listed in target WHM with the correct domain name, etc...
    except there is 0 mb space take up.
    I have since removed this account, and before I attempt another transfer, I thought I get some comments/suggestions here.

    Source Server Reseller status: Linux RH9 WHM 9,2.0 / CP 9.2.0-S25
    Target Server Root status: Fedora WHM 9.2.0 / CP 9.3.0-R

    Anyone with any idea(s) as to what I must/can do to proceed with this transfer.?

    Hosting is so much fun...

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    sorry for not getting back sooner.

    The file: cpmove-domain.tar.gz was in the /home dir instead of /tmp, deleted that and could do my transfer successfully.
    Hosting is so much fun...

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