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    Web Host Reviews

    I read someone's review (sorry can't remember who!) of their history with hosts and they did such a great job I decided to copy them.
    I started out many years ago with company when they used to be called something else (I'll edit this post when I find the name I have it somewhere). They eventually merged/changed into this company. My needs were really minimal and my expectations were low so they were fine for the two years I was with them.
    The occasional outages became more and more frequent and there were no explanations. Support was never really good and it could take days to get an answer. Not sure how the support has changed in the last few years but I've heard reliability is up.

    Wiped from my Memory
    There was actually a host before jumpline but I for the life of me can not remember who they were since they didn't last a full month they were so horrible!
    My first venture into VPS/Multiple domains. I got taken by their low price and then the 6 websites per basic account. I was with Jumpline for over three years (ending about 4 months ago) and for the most part they were fine for me (again expectations not very high based on previous experience and lack of knowledge on my part). They had occasional outages when they changed things or upgraded but nothing that drove me away.

    The primary issues for me was performance (which seemed to vary quite a bit depending on which server you were On and support (which was slow and vague). In the last year these got worse (missing files, outages, slow performance). It could take days for vague answers and more then once I would get the same general category answer in for the same problem! As my knowledge/expectations grew I began to want more and looked to move on.
    I found Adiungo about January of this year and was cautious b/c of their low prices and high feature list (the features offered have been scaled down somewhat as their vpsPower plan used to offer 750mb of space and unlimited hosts). But after taking my time I moved my sites over. Now before you read the rest I did have a handful of applications (phpbb, phpnuke, mysql, phpMyAdmin, etc...) upgraded. But then again I also paid extra for them to migrate my domain and install the applications.

    This is a weird one for me since I really do like Adiungo. The performance is good and the support can be good. They can sometimes take awhile to answer your ticket during the day and are normally more responsive in the evenings. First tier support is OK but second tier is normally very good. They do not have a support board and only limited FAQ's and helpdesk guides.

    I did have several issues with services (spam assassin, mysqld, etc...) just randomly "stopped" and had to be restarted. It would have been OK but Adiungo never detected these stopped services and figuring out the problem and restarting the services could take a while (more on the mysqld later).

    I also had a couple of instances of missing folders/files. The last instance I had an entire domain folder disappear! Looking at all the logs I was never able to determine (neither was Adiungo) what happened.

    Also even after removing almost all of my files (99%) my Adiungo CP indicates that I am using almost 550mb of disk space! Even after repeated e-mails I was never able to get an explanation of this disk use. The "upgraded" applications that I had them install would not account for 100mb let alone 550.

    The final issue that forced me to move was the fact that the one small website that I had developed ( kept going down. The mysqld would keep stopping and would not start for any reason. I had outages lasting days to almost two weeks. At the end I had to hire an outside consultant to "fix" the site (applications were not installed properly).

    Eventually I signed up with a few other hosts, replicated my website, upgraded applications where I could and noticed the diskspace. I kept the three sites up and running simultaneously being used by various users. After a two weeks the Adiungo site went down (this was the disappearing domain folder and then php wasn't connecting properly) but my other sites stayed up. So now at the end of the current billing cycle my time at Adiungo ends.
    (NOTE: I have only been with Bluewho for about 3 weeks so this is an initial impression ONLY)
    Even though I was really looking for a VPS host and not a reseller host I was sold on Bluewho's value and support. The only reason they do not get 10's is b/c of my short duration as a customer and no one is perfect! So far Bluewho's support blows everyone I've come into contact with. Performance is noticeably better then any of my old hosts. I have yet to issue a ticket or e-mail since I've gotten all my questions/issues answered on the support boards.

    Getting used to some of the limitations of a reseller account (non VPS) will take some getting used to. I liked being able to have one "master" account for SSH/FTP/CP that I could "manipulate" all my domains with. And I dearly miss having root access and and the ability to install applications (being charged for having someone type "make install" at CLI can get expensive! = ).

    I've learned my lesson with downtime. While I don't expect to have a great deal of downtime with Bluewho I want to have a backup host for peace of mind. I've only just signed up for PowerVPS and Dinix so its way too early to make any observations but I've heard some really good things about all of these.

    Anyway those are my experiences and my reviews. Please remember the earlier reviews are some years old and my no longer be a valid state of the hosts offerings.

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    Performance: 8
    Support: 5
    Features: 6
    Reliability: 7
    Value: 6
    Performance: 8
    Support: 8
    Features: 8
    Reliability: 7
    Value: 7

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    Great Reviews, thank you

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    Nnyan's server


    I would just like to comment on Nnyan's review of Adiungo to stress that the server was very extensively customized - the site going down was not a problem on our servers or systems, but seems to have been related to interactions between the various custom installs.

    On a further note, the reason we did not detect services stopping was that the versions that come installed by us, and are recognized by our systems, were uninstalled, and different versions installed manually - as such, our systems did not recognise these apps, and did not alert us when they were stopped.

    I think nnyan did mention these points, but i just wanted to clarify.

    On the support front, we just completed our deployment of a new helpdesk, as we found that support requests were being held up by inefficiencies in our previous system during peak times, even though we had enough staff to deal with them.

    I would also like to thank Nnyan for his fairness in his review, and we appreciate your candor.

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    Current Host:
    Performance: 9
    Support: 9
    Features: 8.5
    Reliability: 9
    Value: 8

    Fast and helpful support responses is my favorite thing about Autica.

    Previous Host:
    Performance: 9
    Support: 9.5
    Features: 7
    Reliability: 9
    Value: 7

    I used cihost for years. I'd probably still be with them if I liked their reseller plans.
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    I don't want to beat on a dead horse but I don't think I really made this very clear in my post. I do not live Adiungo with anything but positive feelings.

    My scores for Adiungo are strictly based on my experience. As AdH re-iterated (and I concur) my problems were mostly based on the custom installs (and in all honesty some issues were user-errors, but I believe I omitted those) and my own lack of knowledge in certain areas.

    Overall if you are going to stay with the base install apps or are very knowledgeable with upgrading your own applications then Adiungo is an excellent value and would score 8's across the board.

    Out of all the hosts I've tried (fully reviewed or not) installations of applications (limited only by my own knowledge) seemed to be the most "transparent", and I'll definitely miss that.

    Oh and used to be (or bought up, etc...)

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    Thanks for the clarification Nnyan - i'm glad to hear you were happy with our solutions in general.

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