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Thread: Is It Me, or...

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    Is It Me, or...

    I've noticed some hosts out there offering space in the gigabytes. How many of the dang things are there?

    Which would be good for a portal/community/hobby site?

    P.S.: Low cost too, since I only get $872.00 a month on disability.

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    There are a few reputable companies offering around a gigabyte of space for around the $10/month mark.

    Again, it depends on how much space you think you will need, and the traffic you think you're going to get.

    If you do go with a high space/bandwidth host, read their TOS, as some have nifty ways of cutting you off before you reach your allocated limit.

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    A hobby/portal/community as long as it's not too populated should cost you less than $3-15USD/mo.

    Portal: 50mb space with 3gb bandwidth [$5 or below]
    Hobby: 50-100mb space (if that) with 5-6gb bandwidth [$8 or below]
    Community: 100mb space with 8-10gb bandwidth [$15 or below]

    I was just pulling the numbers out of thin air but, you get the point. For low populated websites you don't need much resources at all. More money comes into play as you grow.

    Recommendation: Perhaps signing up with Googles AdSense ( could possibly help you or not in generating a little extra to help fund the site.

    Hope this helps you.

    Good Day.

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    ummm..... i know you are on a budget but first off, going with a cheap host is only going to make you look bad and possibly lead to bad customer service and down time... itll cost you more in the long run.

    before you put up a website, you may want to consider how you are going to monetize it and make it pay for itself, so you dont have to fall into the cheap host trap.

    if someone is offering space that cheaply, you can be assured there is a reason for it. make SURE do do a search here and get some opinions BEFORE you sign up somewhere and NEVER rely on those hosting directories, they are mainly just paid advertisements or hosts posing as real people!

    good luck!

    ps bottom line, if you cant afford a website, maybe you should reconsider!
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    ps bottom line, if you cant afford a website, maybe you should reconsider!
    I find it hard for almost anyone not to afford a website.

    mythusmage is just starting and obviously needs little in terms of space/bandwidth. There are good hosts out there that offer small plans. It's been said often that a good rule of thumb is 1$/GB of data transfer.

    As the website grows you can use Adsense and/or accept donations to help pay the hosting fees. In the end you might even be able to make a small profit out of it, which can only be nice.

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    Yes, there are plenty of companies that he could host with - many low cost providers that are actually legit.

    He need to be a bit more specific as to what he's looking to do - otherwise people can't give him effective responses though.

    Brendan Diaz

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    I think would treat you right. Go with the shuttle plan, $8 a month and be sure to search this forum for reviews on LunarPages so you can sleep well at night knowing they have a decent reputation.
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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