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Thread: JSP/Tomcat

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    Does anyone can suggest a good reseller that suport JSP and ASP as well... Cheap but reliable.. Thanks guys!

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    I think it's cheap OR reliable is how it goes...

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    ok, lets just put this way... a competetive reseller acount that support JSP ... Any suggestions? Thanks

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    me too i am searching for a JSP TOMCAT reseller.

    i remember 1 year back rochen had this config , but not too sure about this...

    missingleaks :: Do you have many pages on JSP ? is it interesting to work with ?

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    Re: Yes!

    Originally posted by mello
    i remember 1 year back rochen had this config , but not too sure about this...
    Just to clarify, we don't currently offer support for JSP / Tomcat and from what I am aware we never have

    You may want to hang on here and see if anyone can recommend such a reseller or you could try our new Host Quote tool.

    Hope that was of some help anyway...
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    ASP is normally a windows thing. You'll need to find a host that supports Windows.

    JSP/Tomcat is more often than not a Linux thing. Are you looking for a host that supports both?

    Although some companies are able to support both, I found the request for both ASP/JSP a bit out of the ordinary.

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    anyone recommend a jsp linux host

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    I think idologic support jsp.
    They are reliable but not cheap.

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    * pricing

    Its true , that tomcat , jsp .. needs linux ( most of the time )

    i am searching for a JSP host only , for reselling !!

    still , tough to find one here ... WHT is no more like before , where there was lots of flames .

    Sorry Rochen :: Miss information

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