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    Arrow 10 Mbps - P4 3GHz HT 1GB RAM 120 GB HD - $350 a month - NO SETUP :: 100Mbit for $2000 is pleased to offer the following plans:

    Fremont, CA - 10 Mbps Dedicated Serer

    -Sustained 10 Mbps on 100Mbps port.

    -P4 3GHz HT
    -1GB RAM
    -120GB Hard Drive


    -$350 per month

    -Over 10Mbps billed at $35/Mbps on 95th percentile


    Fremont, CA - Dedicated full duplex non over-subscribed 100Mbps flat rate on 100Mbit Ethernet for $2000 a month.

    Plugged in directly to gigE fiber uplink switch.

    Choose either:

    -P4 3GHz HT 1GB RAM 120GB HD for no additional charge.
    -Add a full cabinet for $500 a month.
    -Regular cross-connect for no additional charge.

    This offer is only available from the CEO, please email [email protected] for more info.


    Fremont, CA - Full cabinet plus sustained 10Mbps on 100Mbps port included for $750 per month.

    -Over 10Mbps billed at $35/Mbps based on 95th percentile
    -24/7 call in to datacenter for reboots
    -24/7 physical access to full cabinet


    Fremont, CA - Sustained Full-Duplex 10Mbps on 100Mbps port 1U colo for $250 per month

    -Free 1 U Space
    -$35 per month per 1U for extra space


    New York, NY and Fremont, CA


    -5 Mbps commit
    -95th percentile billing
    -$50 setup (waved for 10Mbps or more commit)

    -cPanel Licenses available at $42.50 / month / license


    For more info, please email [email protected]

    Looking Glass:

    California colocation is in our cabinets at the Hurricane Electric Fremont, CA facility.

    New installs are on our 2'nd gigE fiber line in Fremont.

    New York colocation is in our cabinets at the TELEHOUSE 25 Broadway, New York, NY facility.

    California Download Speed Test:

    California Trace Applet:

    NY Trace Applet:

    NY Download Speed Test:

    Our contact info:

    Tel: 888-221-5583
    Intl: +1-619-819-7673

    AOL IM: egihstng
    ICQ: 165809447
    Yahoo: egihosting
    MSN: [email protected]

    e-Mail: [email protected]

    Terms of Service:

    Acceptable Use Policy:

    Please email [email protected] for higher commit pricing.


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    I am happy with EgiHosting, bandwith is superb.
    You won't be disappointed

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