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    1and1 Root Server I review

    well I've decided to go with root server 1 and here is my progress so far:

    9:10 pm - placed order for Root Server I
    9:15 pm - Asked for authentication (because it failed the first time)
    9:20 pm - Authentication was successful
    11:20 pm - Root Server is set up

    Right now I have access to the server and am using Plesk 7.

    I thought they set it up pretty quickly (2 hours).

    Will continue to update as the week goes by.

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    Re: 1and1 Root Server I review

    Originally posted by Coeus

    I thought they set it up pretty quickly (2 hours).

    Two hours is *fast*. My Root Server III hasn't been up setup for 2 days.

    Someone else just got a Root Server I setup pretty fast too. (same thread)

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    Really? Weird, well they have the 90 days full refund policy. So far my server's been stable and haven't had the need to ask for technical support. All the support (in terms of server management through Plesk) is in Plesk's homepage. Which i'm really starting to love Plesk.

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