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Thread: need help :(

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    need help :(


    I am looking to start up a gaming community based basicly on games but i'm having a really hard time thinking of a name, that isn't A, takin, or B, really lame and not professional

    thought i would try here, anyone got any ideas

    thanks so much =D

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    also, when wasnt a gaming community not based basically on games?

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    try using and play with your keywords
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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    1,301 is really nice, which type of games will you feature? PC?XBOX?PS2? or all

    have a forum in your community too!

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    PC games, we are going to start with CS, we hope to start out and maybe build up to like what HomeLAN is w w

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    we are having a really hard time thinking of something thats good and professional at the same time and that also isn't takin

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