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    * Webhosting question

    i was thinking about getting webhosting from but i was told it sounds cheap but probly sint good was told to come on here and ask

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    just wanted to say welcome!
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    The website looks good, i think they are not a very old company, certified by host check. Whats your budget? which plan are you looking for? Head to or anytoher directory and you can choose from there. Have you experienced diginet's support? how were they?

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    budget is small looking to spend around 10-15 for something decent i guess. and no i have not dealt with them in the past so i would not know how theyre support is.

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    Okay, I checked those prices, and I would be VERY leery of using them. They've had their domain reggied for a year and a half, so that's a good thing, but that's about all I can see about them.

    I did a search, there's only one post about the, aside from your's here, and that's the guy promoting his plans... so typically no news is good news.

    Now, the reason why I would stay away from them is because of the amounts he's charging... even for the cheapest plan, he's only making about $0.65 profit, per month, per single account. I'm sorry, buuuttttt isn't your time worth more than $0.65 per month? That's less than a half cent, per hour. FAR FAR below a livable wage...

    Next is his "best" plan, which you get 60 gigs of bandwidth for $10 bucks... again, not making a decent living, and that starts pointing to the moderate to heavy overselling range, just to break even... if a server offers 1200 gigs of bandwidth, he'd have 20 accounts, maxing out bandwidth. If an average server costs $120 (very very low estimate, mind you), he's making only about $50.00 profit, without overselling, and including credit card processing fees.

    (Gee, didn't I do this once already? Oh, that was yesterday, LOL)

    I'm sorry, but that still works out to less than $0.35 cents an hour... that's not even one tenth of minimum wage... I wouldn't expect this guy to have realistic business expectations or to have stable services due to the amount of potential overselling being done.

    A realistic expectation for hosting costs is $1.00 to $2.50 per Gigabyte of transfer. Keep your eyes for plans within those ranges, and you'll be fine.
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    If you budget is around that much maybe you should goto companies like or, is another option!

    all are good!

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    ty you all

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