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    need logo (print and web)

    Need a logo done for a client site I am building. I can do the simple Fireworks but logo graphics is not my thing. The logo is for Website as well as Print, therefore it needs to print well on enlargement (as large as 11x 17, I guess Vector graphics). The business is a packing and shipping store and they have already pointed me to someone else logo and they want something very similar. See the sample logo page at

    Also, I have put together a sample logo page that I will forward to people who reply.

    I am charging $150 for the entire site and the logo will come from my pocket, so keep that in mind when you quote me for the price. Quite frankly, I do not want to spend more than $20-30 on the logo.

    Let me know if you can do it with sample work and $$$.

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    Hi - please see my portfolio at

    Let me know if you're interested - blalox at

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    Good luck.

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    Here's my entry.

    It uses a color code to identify the type of merchandise. Each color reprensenting a different type of package, letter, whatever.

    The typing has still to be worked on though.

    Have a look

    I may be contacted at yougagnon[at]


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    I am interested in working on this for you. I am willing to complete this for $30. Look foward to seeing a design from me soon.


    Blazen Designs
    Temporary Portfolio

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