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    Multiple Domains with multiple email hosting?

    Are there any hosts that will allow me to point more than one domain to an account and have different email addresses?

    For example:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    With both domains and pointing to the same account.

    I ask because I have a friend who only wants a big email account with his company's name attached, while I want webspace and an email with a different domain. I figured we could share the same account and split the monthly costs.

    I've looked around a little bit but I haven't see any mention of this on hosting sites.

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    We do, as I believe do most if not all cPanel hosts that allow addon domains. The way that it works allows for separate email address domains

    Anyway, any host that allows multiple domains even if there are multiple accounts should allow you to redirect a page

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    They should allow domain and email forwarding.

    Most of them do!

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    What you are looking for is called 'parked domains'

    Most linux/cpanel hosts will offer this feature at no extra charge IMO.
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