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    multiple users but only 1 ftp account

    Was wondering if you guys can lend me a hand...

    A client has setup hosting, but was only given one FTP account, but they have multiple users.

    Our client is using their hosting as an online storage area for all the employees. What they need in essence is an open source proggy that will run on their domain and permit them to add/delete users and restrict the users' access to certain files and folders...

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    ill buy your customer

    i'll buy your customer for 1 month of their income! or you can install pureftpd and let them run it on some funky port.
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    You cant have multiple users on 1 ftp account.

    You would need an ftp account for every user.

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    I'm also seeking a host for a multiple-account secure-ftp site; nothing more, no web pages or anything else, just that.

    What's the best way to achieve this?

    Thank you.
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    If you are using cPanel, you could create subdomains then giving this sub an FTP account

    1)Example from a clients cPanel to add subdomain:

    Note: If you wish to grant virtual ftp access to this subdomain, just create an FTP user with the same username as the subdomain base name that is listed inside the () above.

    2)Example from a clients FTP Manager cPanel:

    FTP Manager

    FTP Accounts
    With the FTP account utility you can control FTP accounts for your users or if your account has sub-domain support you can add FTP accounts for your sub-domain(s).

    Setup Anonymous FTP Access
    Here you can change how anonymous FTP users should be treated and change the anonymous upload policy as well.

    Anonymous FTP Message
    You can edit the anonymous FTP welcome message that users will see when they login to your FTP site.

    FTP Session Control
    This utility allows you to disconnect users or time out FTP sessions.

    I haven't really test it but I believe the above could be an option that you should look into to provide multiple FTP users for a single account.


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    Dear cactus,

    I don't yet have an FTP site, but am seeking one. hence I am not currently using cPanel.

    I don't need or want anonymous ftp access to my site.

    All I need is a number of separate ftp user accounts, each with their own access to their own specific sub-directories. Nothing more.

    Thanks again,


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    Despite never having seen cPanel, after some thought, your logic still makes sense.

    Given sub-domains or sub-directories, adequate blocks and allowances for anonymous users can make those that pass just about equivalent to individual users.

    Is that what you meant?

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    Given sub-domains or sub-directories, adequate blocks and allowances for anonymous users can make those that pass just about equivalent to individual users.
    As far as I know all diskspace and bandwidth consumed by all subdomains/anonymous FTP will all add to the main domain's usage.

    There is presently no features in cPanel to allocate individual subdomain(s) diskspace/bandwidth that I know of, perhaps there could be a script/software that can do it. I have seen it but can't recall the website and also you need to be the owner of the server to install the software as it's very unlikely your Host will allow it.

    The Host may probably do it if you seek their approval first or get them to install it for you when you do have the script/software for an additional fee and I presume they won't mind installing it as long as it doesn't affect the server's performance.

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    Sorry I forgot to mention in reference to your question, FTP for subdomains works just like the main domain's FTP but the only drawback is there's no option to control/allocate diskspace/bandwidth for it


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