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    Domain registration and webhosting

    I am new the area of paid domain registration and web hosting.
    My previous exploits on the web have mainly been at (a free service).

    My question:
    Can I register at one of the domain registration sites and then sign up with a site focussed on webhosting without any delay or problems?
    What impact does the 60 day wait period for new domains have on this situation?

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    you can register a domain at any popular domain registrar or something at hosting companies. You would then have to set your "nameservers" after you have purchased your webhosting and then user the nameservers the hosting company gives you so that when people type in your domain they go to your site. The 60 day waiting period is likely only for transfering a domain. Hope this helps.
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    There is no wait period associated with domain name purchases. You own the domain, and can use it the day you purchase it.

    The 60 day limitation comes in when you want to transfer the domain name to another registrar i.e. going from Godaddy -> Enom (two large popular registrars)

    The part that binds your domain name to the hosting provider's network are your domain nameservers. Usually look something like:


    These nameservers are given to you by the hosting company you purchase your hosting from, which you then need to take note of, and change them at the registrar where you purchased your domain. Within 24 - 48 hours you'll be able to access your website from the hosting providers servers using your domain name. The 48 hour period called 'propogation' is the period of time that it takes your nameserver changes to filter through the millions of routers which make up the internet.
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    tis ready to use, 60 days 100% only for transfers


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    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    So what this means is that I can register at enom / namecheap etc; go to a web host provider;
    if I am not too impressed with the service after let's say two or three weeks, I can change this web host provider without any problems (except that I would have to change the name servers at the place where I bought the domain name)?

    The 60 day period would not apply to a change of webhost only domain registrars/ sites.

    I'm I correct?

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    Yes, you are correct. Good luck with your ventures.


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