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    Redhat and Fedora? And other OS questions...

    Hello, Is Fedora the same as Redhat? I meant, there's Redhat only and there's Fedora... what is the difference?

    Also what's the difference between redhat, debian, and freebsd,

    which one is better?


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    Well, I'll take these questions one-by-one, although the last is extremely vague.

    Fedora is not the same as Redhat. Redhat is a company. They produced Redhat (the Linux distribution), which is no longer being produced. They now produce, and actively support Redhat Enterprise Linux, their "enterprise" version of Redhat.

    Fedora is a spin-off project started and unofficially supported by RedHat.

    Now, to your next questions, which are basically one in the same:

    Redhat and Debian are Linux distributions
    FreeBSD is a BSD Unix distribution

    You will get so many opinionated reponses on "which one is better?" Trust me -- asking that will not help you. Each has their advantages:

    Redhat is corporate, so if you buy their product, it comes with some official support, and you can buy more of it.

    Debian (in my opinion) is a very powerful Linux distribution, and my Linux of choice -- very versitile, with a strong community backing.

    FreeBSD is not a Linux, it's a BSD Unix -- quite a bit different. FreeBSD has claimed it's stake in servers, due to its long-standing reputation as being very stable and secure.

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    ic... so is Fedora Linux too?

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    Yes, Fedora is a Linux distribution.

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