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    How managed is managed? Your advice for VPS newbie


    Currently, I have around ten (10) websites which I look after that are all on a rather poor virtual host. I'd like to pool these sites together, make them easier to manage, and potentially learn more about server administration.

    Beyond that, I really want the ability to install PEAR, mod_perl or Mason, and utilize mod_rewrite to its fullest. With most reseller/ virtual host accounts, this is not possible.

    I've been reading over these threads for the past two (2) days and while I've come across some excellent advice, I am still unsure what to do.

    If I describe my background and situation, could you give me your advice?

    1) Should I find a better reseller/virtual host or pay for a VPS?

    I have:

    - Created Unix and mySQL accounts and groups.
    - Written Perl and shell scripts for basic account administration and configuration.
    - Downloaded and installed Unix utilities from the command line.
    - Installed and configured Apache, php, perl, python, ruby, vim, and mySQL from the command line.
    - Written and compiled simple Java applications; compiled C code.
    - Downloaded and installed LinuxPPC and installed SuSE.

    I have never (but am interested in learning):

    - Installed or configured sendmail or bind.
    - Performed any security outside of turning off telnet, ftp, remote login.

    2) How managed are VPS accounts? I do not want to do anything stupid in terms of security and may need assistance with configuring bind et al. Which VPS company has the best support? On-line documentation? I am perfectly happy looking up and doing the work myself, but if they can give me shortcuts and point me in the right direction, so much the better.

    3) Which is best for me? Virtuozzo or UML? Plesk or CPanel? I am familiar with CPanel, but what the heck is Plesk? Are there large advantages/ disadvantges to any of these over the other?

    4) Do I need multiple IP addresses? From what I understand of the VPS set-up, I can configure httpd.conf to create my own "virtual hosts" for each website. For what do folks uses these multi-IP accounts?

    5) I've narrowed my selection to: ServInt, JVPS/ VPScolo, and Dinix. I'm also looking at BSDHosting and Johns Companies, but those may be out of my league at this point. I am willing to spend US $40-80 for the initial account.

    Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give! -- and don't worry. If you believe I should stick with a reseller/ virtual host for now, it's okay to say so.

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    You may want to try or or

    or even this : just add the accounts that's all, everything will be managed by the provider. Look at the business plan.

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