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    Need step-by-step advices

    First of all excuse my English. I am not a native English speaker.
    Now I am totally new to this domain of e-commerce. I want to make myself an e-shop. I want to know what advices you all give me to start this e-shop.
    I am not from US. I am from Eastern Europe
    I want to know:
    1. What e-commerce software to use. I've tested: oscommerce, zen-cart, cubecart, mambo, and others. I will choose one.
    2. Where can i make some free accounts for user to pay in? I mean something like Ikobo, moneybookers. Are they good? What is the system that they use. If someone whant to pay with cc they can pay in ikobo or moneybookers accounts? Are they giving accounts? What is the modality that they use to send money to you?
    3. I want my site to use this payment functions: cc, ikobo, moneybookers, check. Is there any possibilities that a client can pay directly to an bank account or to a cc? Are there any scripts that implements this functions in a e-store?
    4. How can I automatically verify the dates that a client is trying to shop with. i mean how can I verify in real time an cc or an account at ikobo or something else.
    5. What SSL/TLS software (free) can I use?
    6. Something else that should I know.

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    Hi Kobra,

    1. OScommerce and Zen-Cart are very good solutions. I'd recommend checking those out first.

    2. For a merchant account/processing solution - since you are not based in the U.S., you may want to consider WorldPay as an option if they service merchants in your country. Other options would include 2Checkout, PaySystems, iKobo.

    3. If you have your own merchant account - perhaps one setup by a bank in your country, this would be possible. Otherwise, you will need to use a 3rd party processor - perhaps one of the ones listed above in #2.

    4. I'm not sure I quite understand this question?

    5. SSL Certificates are usually an extra cost. You may want to check out a list of certs at this URL comparing certs:

    6. Well there could be a lot of answers for this part. But most of it is likely related to the above items.

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    1) Based on your shopping cart needs I would since you tested them I think you would have a good idea as to which one would suite your companies needs the best.

    2) For merchant account and third party processing I heard that Ikobo and moneybrookers do a fine job. There is also Worldpay, and some EU banks that work with hosting companies for a direct merchant account.

    3) You should be able to use cc (merchant account or third party), ikobo, moneybookers, and electronic check for US accounts, to offer multiple payment options.

    4) Are you referring to finding out in realtime if the cc was approved or declined?

    5) There are a few sites selling SSL certificates, free I'm not so sure about.

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    Thanks for your advices. If there are more please reply here

    At question 4 i am referring to find out in realtime if the cc was approved or declined?
    And someting else: where can I find some PHP scripts for oscommerce/zen-cart so i can integrate other payment solutions?

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