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    Looking for ad spaces to advertise my site on!

    Hello, I will be completing 1-2 new websites very shortly and am looking to promote them now.

    Your website must recieve a minimum of 30,000 hits a month.

    Kinds of advertisements I am looking for.

    1) I am looking for only top banner advertisements, not on the side or bottom. The banners should be at least 380x48 (preferrably more).
    a) Rotating
    b) Non-Rotating

    2) For my forums websites, I need guaranteed hits and members in almost any way possible.

    3) CPM marketing (would prefer guaranteed hits to my site, not just views of banners that people see)

    4) Link exchanges may be ok depending on your website

    No text links or exchange links please

    Please PM me with offers only with complete details on your website including # of unique hits, and the kind of advertising you can offer with prices. Thanks.

    I am resonable so don't send me offers lowers than they should be. Be fair to yourself as well. Thanks.

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    how can people guaranteed hits ? its not possible, if visitors like your banner, they click....

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    glxdoodler makes a valid point, maybe i was being too picky, but i have heard of some guaranteed advertising programs, ok, i prefer guaranteed, but other types are now ok too, thanks

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    There still no way to guarantee members to your forums

    Perhaps you are thinking of something along the lines of "pay per click" for the banner - where you only pay for each visitor that actually comes to your site.
    Josh Powell.
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    ok, ANY sort of advertising will work now, just PM me your offers!!

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    We are gogin to kick off our rotational banner ( 468x60 ) program in week and wonder if you are interested.

    It streams the banners to our
    - Normal Free Web Sites Member Pages
    - Preimun Sub-Domain Holder's Sites
    - Normal Users and Subdomain User's Forums

    Your website must recieve a minimum of 30,000 hits a month.
    We will offer you much much more than that

    Please discuss this with me over MSN if you like
    ( MSN MEssenger = [email protected] )
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    Hi Sharad,
    I can offer you:

    Fantastic advertising opportunities on large network
    Advertising on our network of sites:
    2. (25th in Google for Shared Hosting)

    Total traffic is 100,000 Unique visitors / month!

    Control panel demo: Username: demo password: demo

    What we offer:

    468*60 Banner advertisement.
    0.75CPM: Subsribe, Order

    If you have any queries then don't hesitate to Contact us.

    Thank you,
    David Lindon

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    I can deliver guaranteed numbers of visitors to your site through full-screen popunder windows. No guarantees as to interest in your sites, which being that I can't see them, depends on their design and the level of targeting you purchase.

    You can start with as little as $1.95 and if you want to continue, recharge your campaign to add additional visitors to it *instantly* without waiting for new order to be set up.


    I also have 728x90 banner ad space available on but likely not 30,000 per month since other advertisers are in rotation as well. $5CPM if you're interested.
    Dan Grossman - dan @
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    I can offer you 1 Million Banner Impressions (468x60) on

    We currently receive about 15,000 unique visitors daily.

    I'll offer the impressions for a special price of $500.

    That's 50 cents per 1,000 impressions on a highly targeted tech site.

    Let me know if you're interested.

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    We can offer 1000 untargeted visitors for $1 (plus $0.3 per order)
    The visitors are delivered by pop-ups and pop-up-unders

    Payment by PayPal or check.

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