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    Owned vBulletin License for Sale

    After giving this much thought, I have decided to sell my owned vBulletin license. I have honestly used way too much of my free time towards my website, and I need to spend my time in a better fashion.

    My members' area access expires on October 30, 2004.

    I had origionally teamed up with a person to make the community. He contibuted $150 towards the making of the site, and I used his money to help pay for the vBulletin license. He later learned that he was too busy with his secular and family life and now I was left to run the site by myself. I don't wish to do it anymore, and I'm looking to pay him back.

    I am asking $150 for the owned vBulletin license. If you would like to buy the license, please feel free to reply to this thread or PM me.

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    I would be interested in the license, but $150 is alittle bit high for a license with only 5 months left of members access. If you could bring the price down, I would be very interested to take it off your hands. Thanks alot

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    Over 5 months, actually. My goal is to pay back my partner and use the money I get with the license to pay him.

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    I agree with yea; though it is a great gesture, I do believe that $150 is too high for a license with lesser than 50% of its initial offered member access.

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    I am interested too if you bring down the price, a brand new license is only $10 more and you get extra 6 months access, it just doesnt make sense to buy it for $150.

    Unless you want to sell the site that it was running on too, if you are, then please PM me the site/stats.
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    I'll give you $80 for it.

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    I'll lower the price to $145, due to the multiple requests. I'm pretty sure someone who's interested in an owned license that would like to get one for less than the origional amount.

    Also, if you know a good amount about vBulletin, you won't need the member features down the road like priority customer service, tickets, etc. The way I see it, the only downside to having [over] 5 months left is you wouldn't have a full year to download the hacks on Of course, you could just download all of them to your computer and use them when you wanted to. Some don't even use hacks.

    Whoever would like to make the deal, please post here. The first one that does I will contact via PM and we'll get a vBulletin staff member to help us complete the transation.

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    I wouldn't expect anyone to pay much over $130 to be honest - $30 is how much another year of updates costs (its not just support, its how long you can download vbulletin updates for), so $160-30=$130.

    You should also go to and submit the license details to the moderators so they can confirm that the license is valid.

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    Well you can make a comparison here:

    I would say around $90 is acceptable, it is what I can offer for your lisence. If you are interested, please contact me.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kind Regards,

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    Personally $90 is too cheap. $115-130 would be reasonable.

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    Actually, a license with half time gone would sell for $90-120.

    Why? well for on thing, the possiblity of fraud on the part of the seller diminishes the value of a used license. We, as buyers, are taking a risk (regardless of the mods stating that it's a valid sale with the ok from vB) because you could turn around and do a chargeback to vB for the initial cost and license would be nuked. Not saying YOU would do this, but it has happened. For a measly $10-15 more above your asking price one would get that added protection and 6 months more support.

    See the point?

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    First of all, what is a chargeback? I have no idea what that is.

    Secondly, I give you my complete and honest assurance that I am an honest person and will not try to "scam" anyone.

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