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    The Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal

    Found a interesting viewpoint on a website. Kinda hits the nail on the head.
    "The Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal. Well, it all seems like everyone is up in arms about nothing. This appears to only be a distraction of what should be focused on. What ever happened to the original purpose of the Iraq invasion? Have the guilty culprits been caught and brought to justice? How about a progress report on things? What about other parts of the world where terrorism thrives and causes injustices against the rest of the world?

    Look, war is ugly. Things like this have always been done and will continue to be done. It's unfortunate that pictures of "dirty" details surfaced. But the fact of the matter is that war includes psychological tactics as well. Whatever it takes to extract information or soften individuals to the point of breaking is what our taxes pay the government to do.

    Nobody expressed concerns about, "be nice to prisoners" after two 747's plowed into the World Trade Center. Nor did they express concerns when the Iraq invasion began. Nor will they express concerns if chemical bombs start flying all over the place.

    You see a picture of a prisoner being abused and humiliated and then you see a picture of a site where a bomb hit crushing a few buildings. One killed many people and maybe even some innocent bystanders. The other did not. In fact, information could have been extracted from individuals that could have avoided the bombing of a wrong location.

    War is ugly. There is no real clear right and wrong at many levels. Fingers can be pointed all day long, which is why they shouldn't happen in the first place and if they do, need to be ended as soon as possible."

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    2 Wrongs don't make a right.

    What if Iraq caught some of our troops and did the same thing. I wonder would you say, Its a common tactic.

    What website did you get this on?
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    Hey, if they caught some of our prisoners and did the same thing I'd say, "who cares?". At least my head is not being chopped off.

    I got it from

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