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    [REQUEST] Download Script

    First of all I need it to work with my site because my site has the index.php?page= stuff in it, so thats why im asking for custom made, since all the other ones i tried didnt work.

    I need:

    -diffrent categories broken up into vcm mods, and non vcm mods, then each break down to diffrent categories, then if possible: some of those categories break up more, and some dont. example:
    vcm mods: vehicles: planes: files....
    non vcm mods: map mods: files....

    u see how the first one kept breaking down and the second one didnt? yea...

    -each file to have: description, screenshot, size of file, author, number of downloads, date added, version number, and a rate feature. as well as a download button obviously

    -i want to be able to put on the main page like under the stats, the top rated downloads, or the mostly rated downloads from 1-5

    -in admin: ability to add delete, and edit files, plus have a place where i can set up admins to manage files also.

    - rate feature: each file has a rate feature where people can rate them 1-10 in a drop down menu when the file is clicked on

    -and last but not least a search thing that works on the main page under the stats

    I can pay 20-30 Thanks

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