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    I need a new graphic anyone have one that looks awsome!

    I'm the designer of this site:

    If you notice above the red buttons I have some purple their, right? I need to change that to something blue with a little more detail. I mean if you have some other cool design thats another color, I can change the color to a blue, no problem. I just don't like the design of that purple image. I need something with sparks or sharp images like beside the "navigate to:" drop down list at the top of the page. You see how I have that blue with the little spark and line images, I like stuff like that.

    If anyone has any good pictures that they think would look good with the site and the blue mustang with smoke, excellent, Please post them in here, greatly appriciated

    Thanks to everyone.
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    Im unsure if a request for images is appropriate here, but if you dont get a response, try getting a bit creative and try making some buttons yourself.

    Try looking at photoshop tutorial websites like and the like. They might offer some insight.

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    Thanks man! I'm just looking for one image though, so I can replace the current purple one. The buttons are fine, so I don't need to replace the buttons, I just don't think the purple background fits well with the site. I'm also, not digging the design of the purple banner myself. I like stuff like the graphic I placed beside the navigate to: drop down menu
    "Hammering Away At The Competition"
    "High Quality Affordable Web Hosting"

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    Well if you're just looking for one button, maybe you should search around some web resource sites that have free web graphics. You might find something you like.

    I would still venture down the path of making your own button though. Makes it all the more better.

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