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    Ace-Host net questions for webhosting

    hi all,
    i wanted to start a church website, but i'm not sure whether this deal from ace-host is a good idea. Do you think 2000 mb is too much for a church website (with lots of pictures, recorded audio/visual sermons, etc.) and is 60 gb enough to make sure the information loads quickly even when alot of space has been taken up. i'm not really familiar with webhosting so any answers would be very much appreciated. thank you!!


    2,000 MB Space
    60 GB Bandwidth
    Unlimited MySQL
    Unlimited Email
    WebMail Access
    SPAM Assassin
    MySQL & PHP
    Perl & CGI-Bin
    24/7 FTP Access
    Easy Control Panel
    Auto-install Scripts
    Free Templates
    Free Software
    As low as $3.95

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    Run a search, that seems way to cheap for that offer, they are overselling
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    * Re: Ace-Host net questions for webhosting

    Originally posted by swtmushroom
    As low as $3.95

    Just on the face of it, it seems they are drastically overselling their bandwidth.

    And after looking at their web page.. yup, I'd say they are.. 100gb's of bandwidth for under 20 bucks.. sheeze

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    Hi swtmushroom - as you can tell from others comments - you may want to be wary of this type of deal - expect to pay a reasonable amount of money for space and bandwith...

    I know you indicated you werent sure how much you needed - however, most sites, especially new ones, really do not need that many resources...

    Figure out how large the media is you want to use ( pictures, audio, video, etc...) and look for a host that will provide you sufficient space to store those files (with some reasonable room for growth) - I sincerely doubt you would need 2000MB.

    Also - the amount of bandwith that a host allocates really has no influence on how fast your site will load. Without going into specifics on overselling, etc... Id say almost the reverse is true - the more bandwith being offered for the least amount of money will probably, ultimately cause your site to load slower..

    Hope this helps.....

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    Just a side note, look for bandwidth to run you at least 50 cents to 1.50 a GB
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    One word - hahahahaha ok two words not feasible or 3 words grossly oversold bandwidth.

    Some day I too will learn how to sell something for a dime that I paid a quarter for.
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    Way overselling, i mean common even if they are getting in bulk rates still they wont be able to offer these prices if they want to reach the breakeven point!

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