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    Question First Timer for Website development/hosting

    I'm not all that knowledgeable on the topic of web development/web hosting. I've created a website for my employer (a Hospital) using Dreamweaver and now am in need of finding a host to get it out there. Website consists of about 2.7 MB of info and is really basically just an informational site. This being services that the hospital provides, employees, benefits, calendars and so on. Any suggestions as to where to go to find and host and how to get this thing up and running? Also ~ any knowledge on uploading info from Dreamweaver to the server would be appreciated.

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    You can set the files as a site and then asign an ftp server
    As for looking, look in sigs, search, and post some requirements
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    Hi there,

    There are some great review sites out there. A caution however, most of these sites are bias to a degree. A good idea is to take a host you find and do a search on forums such as this one to see if there have been any positive/negative feedback given on them.

    Also, you can use the Host Quote option at the top of the screen, where you can get some prices from many different hosts who frequent this board.

    Hope this Helps,

    Rory Erickson

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    Hi kstinej,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of webhosting. Dream weaver is great - Long term, you may want to look at using a content management system - particularly for something like a hospital site. There are many good free ones available.

    Anyway - try the host quote thingy above and Im sure you will get loads of offers -

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    Greetings, kstinej! Welcome to the "wonderful" world of web design and hosting, where you'll often get a few gray hairs way before your time. ::chuckles::

    Definitely take a peek around at people's signatures, utilize the host quote feature and make heavy use of searches, both here on WHT and on Google.

    A note building on what Andrew (Gargoyle aka Crazy Slacker, good friend) said: While a prebuilt Content Management System (CMS) might initially suffice for your needs, you might want to look at a longer term solution and go with a custom developed CMS for your site. This would take a lot of load off of you and your schedule, and would allow you to focus specifically on the content of the site, rather than layout/design/content/uploads/downloads/alterations, etc.

    If you have any other questions, hit this thread up and grill us to your heart's content!
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    Once you get a hosting account you can either use Dreamweaver to transfer the files via FTP or you could use a FTP software such as Filezilla (there are many choices out there though, some free, some for a fee).

    Also, since you are just starting, you shouldn't need much (in terms or space/bandwidth) for a while now. Go for a small plan provided by a reputable host. The other guys gave you very good tips on how to assess reputations.

    If you need any kind of help just ask away. There are always people here to read and eventualy answer your questions.


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    Shortlist a few hosts from the methods mentioned above. Then fire them all an email with the information you have just posted here and ask them how "newby" friendly they are.

    You can usually gauge by the their responses if they provide the level of service you require. Of course, you will never 100% accurately determine this from a simple email, but it gives you an idea.

    And if all else fails, there is always the local hosting provider that you find in your local yellow pages. Sometimes they can be the safest bet of them all.

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