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    Small webhosting company on FreeBSD?

    Hello folks

    I am starting a small company (web hosting). I will co-locate my server in good place with good connection etc. Box will be server with scsi drives and dual xeon as for OS we have 5.2.1 FreeBSD

    Well to tell you the truth my part is tech side. I’ve had plenty of exp with freebsd and I know my way around then system (3 years as sysadmin for freebsd servers), but I have never administrated a web hosting server. I have compiled own kernel, secure ports, setup quota etc etc. But here are the things that bother me…a lot:

    Control panel: every client wants a control panel and I am not sure which is good for freebsd
    MySQL database quota: I can (know how) to make quote for user on hdd, but what about limiting amount of sql data he can store on server?
    Limiting bandwidth: is that part of control panel too?
    Adding clients: Will adding clients be handled by control panel? If so I need it to perform some default actions. Is that possible? People I will be working for are not so good in BSD so it has to be click and click for adding new clients.
    FTP account: Will it be also handled by control panel or should I create dummy login for each user in passwd so ftp will work?

    Please if you have any info on technical side of webhosting, do share. People I will be working for are friends and I want to do it right…Thanks a lot

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    Get Cpanel (

    It has many FreeBSD users so bugs usually get solved quick. I would have to say it has the most functionality of all control panels out there and darkorb updates it every day.

    Also, all of those things you mentioned above are handled by Cpanel.

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    iIf you honestly want a control panel that works with Freebsd right out of the box then go with Directadmin. I've used Cpanel as few as 6 months ago and it was very buggy with a tendancy to break things.

    Directadmin is fast, secure, and you won't want to look back. Of course I use it with Freebsd 4.9 and 5.x on DA is still in the beta stages but it's still a stable product for a whole lot less than cpanel.
    Kevin G.

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    We use FreeBSD 4.9/cPanel on almost all our servers, and have no problems at all. It will be able to handle space allocation, client admin, FTP etc. so you won't need to worry about installing those as addons. So as Dynamo suggests, check out Also worth noting that depending on where you have got your server from, they may be a PartnerNOC so you could be able to get your cPanel licence from them directly.

    I would, however, advise against using FreeBSD 5.x at this stage until it is released in a production state.

    Providing you have experience with FreeBSD admin, I would recommend that you go with cPanel as it is for most people the control panel of choice.
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    Thanks guys, I'll look into those. One thing still bothers me a little. Should I install ftpd (such as pureftpd or proftpd) before installing control panel or do they come shipped with all needed software?

    And yeah I have pretty good exp with freebsd and unix in general, only reason I am installing control panel is for ppl I work for and clients...I myself prefer ssh shell to any control panel

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    The control panels will install the ftpd. Cpanel for example comes with the option to use either Pure-ftpd or Pro-ftpd.

    I tend to agree a shell beats any control panel. But there are some functions that it surely can automate.
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