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    Paysystems review.

    The following review is based on our companies personal experiences from dealing with mypaysystems, whom we use for our credit card payment processor.

    Overall this company has done nothing but give us a runaround since day 1. Their support is horrid, and their departments dont seem to communicate at all with each other. We opened an account with them coming from 2checkout (another really bad company). We let the money build up and after 3 months it was time for us to take our money out so we contacted them and they told us our account was on hold and they needed our banking information.
    Week 1: we faxed them signed copy's of a special settlement page they needed filled out. went to their support on wednesday and told they had everything they needed.
    Week 2: No wire transfer was sent. Talked to them and now they say they needed a blank cheque, we asked if a signed teller letter would do instead, they said yes. Faxed it to them and they said they had everything.
    Week 3: Still no money sent, email them and they said sorry, and agreed that there was a lack of communication between their departments and that the money will be sent asap.
    Week 4: Still no money sent, sent a trouble ticket which was ignored so went to live help and talked to them, they say "oops, sorry we forgot". i mean come on guys, this is horrid.

    So that brings us to today when they told me it will be sent on Thursday of this week. In the meantime our company is in a very tight financial situation. Several projects on hold, and we have had to fund it with our own savings now since we have depleated the company accounts.

    I've already reported them to the BBB since they are a member but now im debating legal action. This may just be an issolated incident but look how they have treated me, is this the type of company you want to handle thousands of dollars of your money? Im signing up with PSIgate now and leaving paysystems. Unfortunatly since we are a canadian company our options are limited.

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    I just had a bad experience with them, too, but nowhere near as bad as yours. I hadn't even thought to report them to the BBB. I will do that now. Thanks for the reminder.

    Sorry about your problems with them.

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