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    Question Any decent hosts with month to month rates?

    I am looking for something with 200mg+ space, mysql, php/perl. For 5-8 bucks and don't want to pay for the whole year. It seems like most pages are misleading, no sign ups but you have to pay in full for 12 months. Any good suggestions?

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    Most companies do month to month...but you can not post here looking for hosting services. some people have sites in thier sigs you can check out if you like. or you can use the WTH search.
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    Definitely check around, there's quite a few hosts that do month to month. Also, make use of the Host Quote above. Also, please use the search feature for anyone that you're interested in.

    Remember, on this board, no news is generally good news. Don't limit your research to just WHT. Although WHT's excellent for getting up to date information, and doesn't rely on pay per rating for hosts, there are other sites (start with Google) that can help you make your decision.
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    Every host (almost every) will do month to month - As a policy (in order to avoid problems) we only accept month by month clients..

    Talk to TRNDouglas (posted above) - great guy and solid company..

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    As Andrew has mentioned, most hosting companies will allow you to pay month-to-month. This will give you some time to get a feel for the host before you lock in for longer periods of time.

    You wouldn't buy a car without giving it a test drive first, right?

    At any rate, hosts can't respond to requests on the forum anymore, but I would recommend taking a look in the Shared Hosting Offers forum.

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    Also, what are your bandwidth requiremnts...?
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    Only month to month here as well. Yearly causes too many problems.
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    Month to month is easy to find as most hosts allow it. In fact, just as pixel_fenix, many only accept month to month. It's safer for both the client and the host.

    Talk to TRNDouglas (posted above) - great guy and solid company..
    I concur. TRNDouglas is a very serious guy, upfront and sincere. I chat with him on MSN from time to time and he never seizes to amaze me. Definitely a trustworthy guy.

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