Hi all,

Ive got a Panasonic DVD-RV41 dvd player and it recently packed up after just 12 month and in use a handful of times ! I get an error code "H02". I searched "Panasonic H02" In google and was suprised to see so many people have the same problem (although sometimes its error code H03 but its the same problem). It not only happens with my panasonic dvd player but with most models. Ive researched into this and found that the motor and spring connected to it has something to do with the error.

Im wondering if anyone else has had the problem and if yes, what they have done to resolve it. Panasonic is not a small brand and we would expect things to perform well and for a long time. This is not acceptable and Im suprised why so many people have not complained ... and if they have, how panasonic is hiding the truth.