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  1. #1 server compromised?

    when I just tried to plance an order for server mgmnt, I got this:

    RootCorp FOREVER
    <focused> vo fazer uma index rox
    <focused> e colocar
    <focused> me diz o que escrever
    <focused> lol
    <firehands> Silence... Genius at work
    <firehands> =)
    <focused> que signifca?<focused>

    server compormised?

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    Hi Sir/Madam,

    Now, we have not been compromised, however, some script kiddies love to replace the index files on our server. We are restoring our sites from last night's backup now and we will have our site back online within 1 hour.

    I appoligize for the troubles this may have caused you.


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    what are "script kiddies" ? will these cause havoc on my server? is there a way to protect oneself from these?

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    Script kiddie is a term used to describe people (usually young) who use scripts to deface servers. They do not usually cause much harm and did not today either. They simply replaced our index files with bogus information. They can potentially cause damage on any machine, but this happened to us due to outdated software.

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