TekTonic Drops UML for SWsoft's Virtuozzo Virtual Private Server Solution
18th May 2004

TekTonic, the leading Web hosting provider of virtual private servers (VPS), today announced it has ended the use of free UML (User-Mode-Linux), and has switched to Virtuozzo from SWsoft, the established leader in hosting automation and server virtualization software, to manage their growing VPS business.

"From the beginning, we immediately recognized the benefits of switching from UML to Virtuozzo," said Matt Ayres, President, TekTonic. "UML placed us on the right path, but Virtuozzo is saving us thousands of dollars and man hours per month, affording us the ability to scale to new heights of providing the most comprehensive VPS."

TekTonic will leverage SWsoft to expand its solution portfolio and attract new customers looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage their business. Virtuozzo is licensed per server and per CPU power and offers both command line and GUI tools.

"Our customers are assured to do more with Virtuozzo including more VPS per physical server and more revenue per VPS," said Tim O'Rourke, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, SWsoft. "TekTonic selected Virtuozzo because it's the only true VPS that streamlined its operations, lowered customer support cost, and was focused on lowering its total cost of ownership."

VPS brings mainframe concepts that were proven in the datacenter for over 30 years to x86 commodity hardware: Dynamic partitioning, Resource Management, OS Virtualization, OS and Application Templating. Virtuozzo is the only technology on the market that allows for a full spectrum of hosting services from basic shared to dedicated hosting on one platform and with unified provider, reseller and end-customer interfaces.

Virtuozzo is a widely used Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology available. It is complete, proven, powerful, secure, and efficient. It can scale a single VPS to 16 CPUs and 64 GB of RAM, and can run over 2500 partitions on a single server with less than a percentage point for virtualization overhead.

About TekTonic
TekTonic is a privately owned, profitable company offering solutions in the Virtual Private Server and Hosting Reseller markets. Utilizing a unique outlook on hosting and by combining the best of reliability, performance, support, and pricing TekTonic is set to be an industry leader.

For more information, please visit: www.tektonic.net

About SWsoft
SWsoft is the recognized leader in automation and server virtualization software for hosting service companies, communications providers, and enterprises. The company powers more than 50,000 servers for customers in over 100 countries. SWsoft's products deliver industry-leading performance, stability and manageability for its customers to increase utilization of their limited IT resources. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices around the world; SWsoft is a privately held, profitable company offering comprehensive solutions including: Plesk, Virtuozzo, PEM, HSPcomplete, and Confixx.

For more information, please visit: www.sw-soft.com