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Thread: Glexicon Down?

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    Glexicon Down?

    I know there's been a bit of strife caused by the Eryxma -> Glexicon changeover but things seemed to have settled down, at least with my services.

    Everything was working great until about 2pm today then nothing. I can't get to the web site nor are my DNS requests resolving. I can ping my mail server directly but it's not responding to mail retrieval requests.

    Anyone have any insight into this?

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    No insight, just some observations. All the - nameservers for glexicon seem to be down. Happened just over an hour ago, about 11:45 PDT. Bummer!

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    No sign of life,, cs1 through cs3 all down. I am getting a ping answer on though. Time to do the old instant "redirect to the backup page" trick.

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    Free website monitoring

    For anyone still hosting on Glexicon, I suggest you set up a free website monitor on which will email you when your website is down. Make sure that you sign up with an email address that is not on the domain you are monitoring, else you will never get the email if your domain is down.

    I used another remote website monitor in the past but I frequently got false alarms of website problems when the site was actually up. I eventually gave up on it. With SiteUpTime a failure is not reported unless it fails from multiple locations in widely dispersed locations. In 3 weeks of monitoring I received no false alarms, but got today's valid alarm without problem.

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    From the Glexicon FAQ

    My Site Has Been Suspended If your site has been suspended, this means that you have not established a valid account with Glexicon Communications, Inc.

    We have provided hosting at no charge to former Eryxma clients as a courtesy for approximately 3 weeks, and must now terminate the accounts of those that do not wish to utilize our paid services.
    This means that if you have paid at Eryxma for 1 year your site will be suspended after 3 weeks or I am wrong?

    Glexocin site works now but mine does not

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    My site back up

    My site on CS3 is back. Time to update my URL forwarding again.

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