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  • Open Source: Webmin

    3 20.00%
  • Open Source: WP:// (something like that...)

    0 0%
  • Com: cPanel

    11 73.33%
  • Com: Plesk

    1 6.67%
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    Open Source vs Commercial: CP's

    I personally PERFER Webmin over CPanel & Plesk. I have never used Ensim, but I don't generally hear good things...

    Some people say that Webmin is too *mean*, as in the GUI.

    I mean seriously, if someone wanted, someone could make a copy of cPanel X FOR Webmin! Now webmin would just turn into an enhanced cPanel, I mean it DOES have better server admin features!

    Susposed Downsides:
    -Usermin doesn't have many features.
    --It is fully customizable from Webmin, to show any modules you would like, and how to show them. The Default set is simple, but if you took a few days, you could even make your own personally GUI, with all the features you want, without editing any code (besides a template, if wanted).

    --This is an UPside! Webmin is programmed in perl, and has a VERY easy to learn API. You could make a module for your little piece of software in a minute!

    Things I like:
    -Virtualmin. It is a wonderful way to manage multiple domains, and accounts.
    -Many modules available for ISP's, Resellers, everyone! Doesn't have your feature? You'll probably find a module for get it.
    -Clustering support. Yes, if you have multiple servers, you can cluster them together, and control them all using the same interface, controlling them all at the same time.

    There are many wonderful points of Webmin, but I just started using it. I would like to get your oppion


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    I chose CPanel from the list, however if it had been on the list, I'd have definitely chosen DirectAdmin or otherwise Ensim Pro. I see what you're saying about Webmin being customizable, but I think, at least for a web host, the whole point in a control panel is that they don't have to do anything (except obviously keep the server updated and secured) and having to create a template and modules would defeat that whole idea.

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    Yeah, I agree with MTBill, the fact is, webmin isn't as supported as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Ensim, and the other paid CP's. The fact is, you get what you pay for, if you are serious in your webhosting company, then you won't mind spending money on it. - Host on Cloudrck
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    I think that cPanel is well worth the money, i would not want to use any thing else.

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    Cpanel is great in features and powerful enough. However, talking about user friendliness, the UI design is poor..

    So, it comes to Plesk, Ensim or VDeck which have better usability.

    Don't you guys agree?

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    the newest plesk is also very good

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    This is not really a good choice.

    I use webmin, CPanel, Direct Admin and I'm gonna try Plesk.

    All of these panels (I cannot judge Plesk yet) has it's own group of clients. you cannot compare CPanel and Webmin, not in functionality nor price.

    Just find a panel for each situation and you will be happy
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