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    Exclamation Looking for custom template+vb forum design (music related site)


    I am looking for someone who can design a website template and a vbulletin template for a reasonable price.

    The website template should be written in html, not flash or php or anything fancy.

    I cannot offer much money. The maximum I can pay is $150 for the two templates together.

    It is for a rock band.

    If you are interested, please post your portofolio or works you have done.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I've sent you an email since you are unable to accept/send PMs.
    HQ Max

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    I have responded to your email.

    On another note. I cannot edit the original thread I posted.

    What I am looking for are designers for a website template in html only. I don't need a vbulletin template anymore.

    Thank you in advance.

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    chino I am also interested in this
    Could you please provide me the details
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    Hello superprogram,

    do you have a portofolio that I can see?

    Thank you

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    What is your email chino?
    You can send it via PM if you want
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    Actually, no he can't. He needs 2 more posts to use the PM system. What sort of look are you looking for chino? Let me know, I have my information in my sig, email is the button once you get 2 more posts.


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    Hi Death Reaper,

    so far I am very pleased with CooperInt's works.

    I will also check out the works from your website and that of the others who have posted here.

    What I am specifically looking for is a website template. In dark metallic blue or purple, not certain yet. It would not be too fancy e.g. not too many images. It should look clean and professional and yet also slightly artistic as the design is for a rock band site.

    I would of course provide the images that should be used and the names/titles for the site/links. So basically, I would think that it is not all that much work.

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    so far I am very pleased with CooperInt's works.
    HQ Max

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