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    10k adviews daily, 3k++ members @ ,1 ad spot only details

    the number 1, the biggest and the fastest growing forums for car enthusiasts in the philippines

    3000 plus members 95% males
    400 online users browsing daily
    35 to 70 average users online at the same time during peak hours
    300k ++ adviews per month
    10% growth rate per month

    All members are in the Class A and B lifestyle status
    All members have atleast 1 Car (this is a car forums so this is very obvious)
    90% have their credit card with purchasing power
    members are working on an IT related field, own a business, working in other countries and im pretty sure most of them dont have their own webhost yet.

    Our members likes to show off their Car photos with more than 1000 pictures uploaded in 2 months of installing our photo gallery

    well moderated forums with 4 administrators and 15 moderators

    OK enough of that ...

    here is the deal

    i am only giving 1 spot of a 136X88 pixel animated or static banner to be located on the left portion on all pages of my forums.
    this will be on the "forum sponsor" section and i will put it on TOP.

    thats 10,000++ adviews per day or 300k adviews per month

    why 1 spot only? if you may ask ...

    We give special priviledge to our advertisers, thats advertising lock out ...

    We dont advertise competing companies, so if there is a webhosting company on our ad space, that would be enough for that industry...

    You may ask, what is the value of placing an ads on a Philippine based forums ...

    This is Nitche Marketing ...

    this is better than placing your ads on a forum sharing your spot to 10 or more offering the same product, while its members databes doesnt even hafe a 30% purchasing power ...

    from my Site ... its obvious here in my country that if you own a Car, and you use the internet frequently , that means you belong to a high class family , and obviously own a credit card.

    so Guys , give me your best offer ... for this type of ad placement

    remember this is for 1 spot only for a webhosting type of ads...

    if you offer other services, thats possible also ...

    Grab this NOW

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    thanks man , i forgot that one

    here it is again

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    1 ad spot for webhosting companies still available ...

    spots for non webhosting companies are also welcome to fill up other spots

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    you can view our pageviews stats here

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