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    Question: how to write auto form filler?

    Hi All,

    I would like to write a script that automatically enter a certain site and fill a form that is located in the site. for instance: suppose that on a site there is a 'name' and a 'password' fields (and a submit button, of course), I would like that script to enter the site, enter the name and password (pre-given) and press the submit button.

    Is that possible?

    Also, is it possible to set it to be done in a certain time (for instance- I want it to be done 3 hours from now)?



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    you could easily do this with php/curl

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    can you tell me how to start? :-)


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    That should get you started with php/curl

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    You should find it is quite easy using the Snoopy PHP class found here:

    You'd be able to fill out remote forms like this:

    PHP Code:
    $submit_url "";
    $submit_vars["username"] = "me";
    $submit_vars["password"] = "super";
    $submit_vars["submit1"] = "Confirm";
    Then the resulting page on the other site would be available from $snoopy->results;

    Snoopy can handle all kinds of things, like easily fetching just a text version of a webpage, or all the links on a page, or a form from a page and even send or receive cookies for sites that require that. Very useful.
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