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    IMAP Strange Log

    Hello every one

    I see in my Log watch for my server

    --------------------- Connections (secure-log) Begin ------------------------

    Service imap: 173 Time(s) 4 Time(s)

    so doing something in Imap service

    I want to know If that is a hacking attempt or something like that
    and How I can fix ???

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    if you're sure there's no legitimate user at you can easily block that ip. Anyway I don't think this is a hacking attempt

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    No that Ip is from Jorsalim they use dynamic IP not static one

    I did that in /etc/hosts.allow


    it was


    is that way prevent any out side IP to use IMAP ???

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    yes, but this work in conjunction with hosts.deny

    You must also have this in hosts.deny:


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    in host.deny I have

    I prevent any one to enter ssh

    But I want to know How I can look about what this user working with IMAP ???

    any idea

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