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    Rpm Manager

    I have been trying to find rpns for my cobalt 4r. I found one site that has alot of what I want, but requires rpm version 4.0.

    error: failed dependencies:
    rpm >= 4.0 is needed by

    How do I get a newer version?

    Also any good rpm sites or package sites for this raq

    I have

    pkgmaster com
    solarspeed. net /cobalt /raq4 /index.php
    raqlinks. com /Raq-4-Packages-cobalt-18.html
    raqsoft. eu .org/
    ftp:// ftp. cobalt. sun. com/ pub/ products/ raq4/ RPMS/

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    Many rpms may need to be rebuild for the raq. We have rebuilt several..... updating RPM itself is quite a task and could lead to unforseen issues with other pkg updates. Perhaps if you post what RPMs you are looking for, people can help out. We find that 7.3 SRPMS from fedora-legacy often work well for rebuilds, but some rpms will have requirements that require a significant update to the underlying OS, which is based on RH 6.2.

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