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    Question Nurples - Host Down???

    Sorry if this is in the wrong bit, not sure where to post

    If anyone else on nurples having trouble please post here, mine has been down all day, have 2 hosting plans with them.

    Please let me know if you have any info , thanks in advance.

    Also if anyone knows who they were reselling for so i can find out if they are still alive.
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    Well the services are back up today, was a bit scary, just waiting for an explanation. Im happy to back on though

    Will update here once i know more.
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    We were down due to a DNS change that failed. We are not resellers, we run our own servers, fyi.
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    We have been experiencing serious trouble with Nurples for quite some time now :

    - lots of downtime
    - DB's getting accidently deleted

    could go on and on .

    I do understand sometimes a hosting service needs to perform maintenance or move things around . There is one thing I fail to understand though :

    Simply ignoring e-mails which are asking what's going on for days on end - leaving the site they are hosting in limbo . Performing major uprades without so much as an warning in advance so administrative staff can inform visitors and take precautions in the form of making a full backup .

    Since yesterday , our site went down . Today we discovered it was put back up , but with an old backup from 30th of May ( we had just launched a new site , that's gone - we are a forum site , all posts and members since 30th of May - gone ) , all of this because of the absence of any prior notice of what was going to happen .

    Worst of all : when you try to find out what is going on and if anything can be done to remedy it , you get no reply whatsoever.

    People just starting out and looking for a host : stay clear of Nurples at least until they get their act together.
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    Rik I dont work for But i am good friends with the owner. They have been having growing pains just like all companys They are growing at a unbelievable rate. And the constant moves are due to them purchasing better servers to support the rate of growth they are experiencing.. They have some very nice servers online and running now. That should keep them where they are for sometime. Unfortunatly servermatrix had some dowtime yesterday which effected you and 1000s of other people. And again today they ran into some server problems. I know for a fact they have been working long hours non stop trying to get this issue fixed. unfortunatly thier support portal was also affected due to the outage.

    I am sure that you will be hearing from the proper people soon as they are all honest, hardworking individuals.
    At any case i will be pointing this thread out to the proper people

    I hope this helps shed some light into whats going on.

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    I know , sorry I got a little mad there , but it became too much there for a minute . We put a lot of work into a newly designed site and to have it down ( still by the way) after just two days is a bit cruel . I'm still looking at an antique version- antique in an internet-sense - from 30th of May ,

    However : I did some research myself on this downtim issue and found out ( on this very forum) that The Planet-server went down and this is causing all of this trouble .

    it's very difficult to understand the hierarchy of these systems but as I understand it the company of which Nurples is a customers is a customer of the Planet in turn , so ....

    mysite ----> Nurples -----> server-company---> The Planet .

    if the last one in that hiearchy tree folds all subsequent - sites and servers go down.

    So if I in any way offended Nurples I apologize , just got a little emotional there . Do any of you have a clue on how often Nurples makes a Backup ???
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    Iam not 100 percent possitive but i believe its once a week with a option for him to do it more often.

    Iam sure once this issue is cleared up You will have clear roads ahead.
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    Originally posted by Rik Wessels
    Today we discovered it was put back up , but with an old backup from 30th of May ( we had just launched a new site , that's gone - we are a forum site , all posts and members since 30th of May - gone ) , all of this because of the absence of any prior notice of what was going to happen .
    Same here,

    We're a forum site as well, and we've been reverted back to May 29th. This is devastating, as our message board had been steadily growing in popularity.

    Actually, that's not the only thing that went wrong. There were a few posts today following the "time-warp" - most of which were complaints of users - and, looking at my site now, I don't see them anymore; it's as though we were warped to May 29th twice in a single day!! Not only that, but my CPanel shows disk usage as being 0.0

    I hope they stand by their word and accept to refund me.
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    It seems like Harvey over at [email protected] has been taking care of the technical aspect of Nurples, so if you're like me and you have a hard time receiving a response from Nurples' support, try contacting Harvey : I had a few problems today, and he remedied them all in a timely manner.

    I'm still confused as to whether is a reseller for
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    nurples is not a reseller. Harvey is helping nurples out for a little while.
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    Nurples Web Hosting has been in business for about 2 years now and have never had problems like we have had in the past 2-3 weeks. We have contracted extra help from to help get our servers back up to speed. Our company is growing at a very fast rate and we are constantly upgrading. Recently the main hard disk suffered from filesystem corruption rendering it useless. Therefore, we had to do a full reinstall of all system services and get all accounts back up in a matter of hours.

    We have been working constantly to get servers back to normal. Since all accounts are back to normal, clients can rest assured that they are hosted with one of the best hosting companies with the lowest prices on the net.

    Some E-mails didn't get answered because they were lost. Just as clients experienced lost data, so did we. We are working on setting up redundant email servers to prevent this problem in the future. Meanwhile, clients can contact us directly at the following:

    Yahoo: nurples1
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 3292959
    AOL: nurples1
    Secondary E-mail: [email protected]

    Earl Babcock (AKA Nurples)

    Nurples Web Hosting
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    I must give a reply here . Last week - after we had just launched our new site - the "disaster " happened in the USA .This meant we were back to our old site - we have a weather-forum and site - and lost countless topics and posts ( not to mention members ) .

    At first it seemed clear we would be stuck with this situation , since we only had this "old " backup . However : Nurples managed to restore a backup they had on a local drive , which meant we only lost the data for one day . I must say this : those folks were kind , they did all of it rapidly - considering their site was down as well and they had to help 100's of clients - and to our full satifaction. So here it is : Big praise and gratitude to the folks at Nurples for a job well-done .

    Thanks, guys
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