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    How to allocate memory on the serveR?

    Disk hda3 (/usr) DMA+ 95 % iis there a way to move hd space more to this area? what can i do?

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    No you cannot resize a partition once it is created. I dont think there are any linux apps to do this. I know with partition magic on windows you can easily resize partitions.

    Try uninstalling old apps you dont use anymore to free some space up.

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    (Use at your own risk, of course.)

    It would be easier to just run something like "du -sh /usr/*" to see what's taking up all of the space.

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    Can i delete log files or files in /usr/local/apache/domlogs

    ? Is it safe to delete big log files?

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    cp /dev/null error_log etc would be fine.
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    Use "echo -n >/path/to/log" to clear the file. If you delete it, you'll need to restart or reload Apache to get it to open a new file.

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    Thanks for your responce.

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