May 17, 2004 Orlando, FL -- Internet presence provider, FutureQuest Inc. (, established since 1998, announced today another increase in available capacity and redundancy to their already robust network.

FutureQuest has added two new diverse routes to its BGP4 network with full global IP routing views to the Time Warner Telecom Network (TWTC). TWTC consists of some 17,000 miles of fiber running at OC-48 speeds, including nearly 11,000 miles of local metro networks in 22 states and 44 U.S. markets, and was recently recognized as the best ISP in the United States by Network Magazine.

"The TWTC connection is to be used primarily as a 100Mbps high speed line that was brought online solely as a network failover pathway," said Andrew Gillespie, FutureQuest's Chief Technology Officer. "Its day to day usage is to provide us with a more diverse BGP4 announcement for ingress communications. The outbound is currently configured to accept no more than 2 ASPATHs, and when it is needed for failover mode the TWTC BGP4 routing will switch to accept a full global egress routing view," he added.

"FutureQuest is fortunate to have its own exclusive POP in its privately owned and operated data center. This POP connects directly to Time Warner's IP Backbone through two geographically separated OC-48 protected paths (Atlanta and Tampa)," stated Brian Palik, FutureQuest's Marketing and Affiliate Manager. Mr. Palik continued, "These two paths terminate into the FutureQuest Data Center over 24 count strands of optical cables. The redundancy of this fiber is provided through a Rapid Spanning Tree that features a sub 1-second restoration of services should there be a fiber cut on the backbone."

FutureQuest's exemplary ability to continue the delivery of each client's email and web site content in the fastest, most reliable way possible since 1998 is amazing. This most recent addition once again shows FutureQuest's focus on the consistent improvement of their services to keep up with the ever changing demands of clients that require a positive and productive presence on the Internet.

"Rather than taking the popular path of hosting, which includes sharing connectivity options with hundreds, even thousands, of other providers at the risk of lowering their quality of service due to over-saturated networks, FutureQuest is excited to introduce increased connectivity and redundancy, dedicated to serving only its clients, via number one rated providers," said Debbie Gillespie, FutureQuest's Chief Executive Officer. "This is why our clients enjoy a superb overall network solely for their own needs," she concluded.

With the additional TWTC connectivity, FutureQuest has once again raised the bar for other hosting providers. This increase represents FutureQuest’s commitment to its clients by ensuring them the ability to continue delivering data fast and efficiently, regardless of a number of potential network failures, either internally or externally, and certainly without the concern of other providers saturating their lines.

It's no wonder the name FutureQuest has become synonymous with the word quality!