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    PHP 4.3.6 upgrade for 550 - free

    Just wanted to let you know that the PHP 4.3.6 upgrade provided freely from installed smoothly from their RaQ550-PHP-4.3.6-1.tgz file and excellent/easy instructions.

    To obtain this free upgrade from them, see and send them an email of your agreement to their licensing agreement, which an email will be sent to you with instructions and a link to the file.

    I know that the direct link to the file has been previously posted, but I followed their request for the licensing agreement to respect to their excellent work on this free upgrade for the RaQ 550.

    Here's an email response to one of my emails after getting the instructions (they're very responsive), for archival purposes:

    >Will your .tgz file be compatible with my existing Mysql 3.23.38 ?

    It should be compatible with version 3.23.38. I used a different 3.23.x version for the build. If you have any problems, drop me an email.

    >You paragraph below, does this apply to your RaQ550-PHP-4.3.6-1.pkg in that
    >the .tgz version is a better install?

    The .tgz version is better and it is the one which I recommend that you install. The package that you mentioned above has not been released. It is for internal testing only. Eland Systems

    FYI, Manny

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    Be careful with non-rpm pkgs. Sometimes they can prove difficult to remove unless all items are located to a central directory. We use a tar.gz approach for our perl 5.8.4 pkg for the Raq 4.
    Also, very useful to find out what modules are built into to php builds so that you do not break other apps. Most notably, which you mention, is mysql but also GD seems to be a major sticking point.

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    Just a note that I installed this PHP 4.3.6 upgrade on a fresh 550 that had all the patches installed and running smoothly for 4 days. The install/upgrade went smoothly, and all seems to be working well...phpmyadmin and phpbb that was installed and running before the PHP 4.3.6 upgrade....

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